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We have everything your pet needs!

Quality pet care for 

Stamford, Greenwich, and Norwalk pets!

Our services are provided by dedicated pet care specialists who are trained to deliver the utmost quality care. We strive to cater to each of our clients individual needs. We use innovative technology and offer GPS verified visits, keeping you informed on when, where, and how long your pets were cared for. We aim to bring you peace of mind while your pet has fun!

Dog Walking

Keep your pet exercised, healthy, and happy! All visits include refreshing water, feeding if needed, and treats! GPS verified.

10 minute walk

Perfect for dogs who need a quick let out in the yard and some playtime or a short walk. 

30 minute walk

Perfect for dogs who like to go on walks, or have some quality playtime in your yard.



50 minute walk

For high energy dogs who enjoy long walks or need some extra playtime in your yard.


Pack walk

Perfect for dogs who enjoy the company of other dogs.  It can be one of your dogs BFFS or a dog we match them with.


Park Trips

A perfect way for very high energy dogs to release excess energy. Whether your dog enjoys the dog park, hiking, or a park close to home, we are ready to adventure with your pet!

Some park options: Mianus River Dog Park, Stamford Dog Park, Mill River Dog Park, Rowayton Dog Park, Taylor Farms Dog park & more!

1 hour park trip

Cat Visits

Whether you're going out of town for a vacation, or a business trip, we've got your cat covered! Cat Visits are GPS verified so you'll know when a pet care specialist arrives and leaves your home. Visits are approximately 20 minutes, which include feeding, refreshing water, cleaning litter, brushing & play, of course! 

20 minute visit


Pet Taxi

Our pet taxi services are perfect for those who may not have time in their busy schedule, or want to take off work to bring their pet to the vet, or other destination. All pets will be buckled in for safety!

Within 5 miles


Over 5 miles

$2 per additional mile

Interested in a customized plan for your pet?

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