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FDA announces 16 pet food brands possibly linked to canine heart disease

The FDA just announced 16 dog food brands that may possibly be linked to heart disease (dilated cardiomyopathy aka DCM) in dogs.

Symptoms of DCM are coughing, difficulty breathing, tiring quickly, periods of weakness and fainting.

These are the brands starting with the highest to lowest reports:

1. Acana

2. Zignature

3. Taste of The Wild

4. 4health Dog Food

5. Earthborn Holistic

6. Blue Buffalo

7. Nature’s Domain

8. Fromm

9. Merrick

10. California Natural

11. Natural Balance

12. Orijen

13. Nature’s Variety

14. Nutrisource

15. Nutro

16. Rachel Ray Nutrish

Our dogs are more then just a pet, they are family. We only want the best for them, and what we feed them is detrimental to their health.

Do you feed your dog one of these brands? If so, will you switch their food? If yes, comment below what you plan to switch them to.

If you don’t feed your dog one of these brands, comment which to help other pet owners become aware of other options for their dogs.

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